High-Precision Survey and Mapping Services

For accurate geospatial data for any project, enlist the help of Enersurv. We offer various survey and mapping services utilizing the latest technology, providing you with detailed information about your work site. Our services are utilized by various sectors and industries, including:

Energy Companies | Midstream Businesses | Private & Public Companies | Engineering Companies | Government Agencies | Private Owners

 Survey Crew

Boundary Survey & ALTA/NSPS Surveys

Make sure you know the exact extent of your property. Through our boundary survey, we create a comprehensive outline of where your project can be built without crossing other properties. Through our ALTA surveys, we work with our clients to satisfy their specific Table A requests to satisfy their title insurance requirements and to make sure their transaction goes smoothly.

Sub-Surface Utility Mapping

Before construction, it's important to be aware of possible underground utilities that might cause problems if struck. Sub-Surface Utility mapping allows us find out the position of those utilities, so you can develop a proper workaround. We work to gather all available public and private information to accurately map the sub-surface conditions that may impact project execution.

Construction Survey

New road or building projects require accurate knowledge about the infrastructure around the work site. We offer construction survey services that help you build without risk of harming any existing infrastructure. This includes everything from initial base mapping to final construction layout and asbuilt.

Topographic Survey

Topographic Surveys are used to identify and map the contours and features of a project site (utilities, streets, retaining walls, etc.). This survey is most widely used as base mapping for development of engineering plans for many types of projects.

Hydrographic Survey

For projects that involve bodies of water, you need information about their depth and bottom configuration. Through our hydrographic survey, we provide you with accurate measurements, as well as information on what materials are underneath.

As-Built Survey

When you need to document the state of your project at various stages throughout its construction, we can provide as-built surveys. These allow you to check if work was completed at that given time, in compliance to all relevant standards and regulations.

Pipeline Alignment

Be able to navigate through seemingly complex conditions by utilizing our pipeline route development services. We can provide you with everything needed to take a pipeline project from conception through completion.

3D Laser Scanning

As a non-contact and non-destructive technology, laser scanning digitally captures the shape of any physical object. This allows you to translate your ideas into something more defined and to create a 3D model to design from.

UAV - Drone Surveys

Enersurv utilizes the latest in UAV technology to capture aerial photographs, LIDAR data, line work, etc. for accurate base mapping of existing project locations. The applications for Drone services are still evolving and we continue to find new ways to increase safety, accuracy, and efficiency using this technology.

Other Survey and Mapping Services

Enersurv is your source for all of your survey and mapping needs. This list is just a sampling of our capabilities. If you have a survey and mapping need for any project, Enersurv can deliver.